Natural ingredients and superfoods

Natural and fresh – the two most important demands we make on everything we use for GoodyCat.

The meat we use for GoodyCat comes from over-production in the food industry and is immediately made into GoodyCat cat food, even before the meat for you has reached the supermarkets. The main part of GoodyCat is high quality meat and tender pieces of chicken breast.

There are absolutely no waste products used. This means that all raw ingredients used are suitable for human consumption. In fact, as regards the high quality of the ingredients, everything could be used to make food for you and me.

Free from artificial additives

In a bowl of cat food there should be neither pesticides, hormones and contaminants nor colourants, preservatives and flavour enhancers – which is the very reason why GoodyCat contains none of these. All ingredients are strictly checked and certified by the authorities.

The fruit and vegetables used in all the ranges are natural and as if they came fresh from the farmer’s market, because this guarantees the maximum retention of vitamins and minerals. It also means that GoodyCat retains all the great tastes right from the beginning.

As a special highlight for healthy eating, GoodyCat’s recipes contain valuable superfoods which are vital for your furry friend’s heart, joints, skin and fur. For example sweet potato, which is a true miracle root vegetable when it comes to aiding your cat’s metabolism or salmon oil with its omega-3 fatty acids which strengthen the heart.


Full transparency

Knowing what is in a product is essential for a healthy diet. That’s why 100% of ingredients, and how much of each one, is declared on the tin.

So it is visible immediately if tender pieces of chicken, high quality beef or lamb or salmon are the main ingredients in each tin. Even the addition of highly nutritional products like liver, heart and kidney are declared.

So you see – transparency, paired with healthy, natural ingredients, is incredibly important to us at GoodyCat. After all, you are trusting us with the health of your four-footed friend!

All the advantages at a glance

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