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GoodyCat’s support for animals is a matter very close to our hearts and allows you, as a cat-owner, to take part easily and completely transparently: with every tin of tasty Goodycat cat food you are helping to fill the food bowls of cats in shelters.

You can check exactly how many bowls have already been filled on the homepage of our website. As soon as 10,000 bowls are filled, a shelter officially registered in Germany will receive a delivery of food. One bowl is the equivalent of the average amount of food for one cat for one day – 150 gr.

10,000 food bowls filled mean an amazing 1,500 kg of food goes to cats in need. That means that Goodycat supports animal protection organisations in their daily struggle to care for rescued and otherwise unloved cats.

Every tin purchased fills food bowls

On each tin, you can read exactly how many bowls are being filled with which products. Here’s an example:

6 tins of Goodycat fill 3 bowls of 150gr each. The bowls are filled with Arion Friends Cat, a nutritional dry feed, made by the German brand, Arion.

The result of all these bowls filled by you is wonderful: content faces and cats with full tummies! We update our GoodyCat Food blog regularly and so you can see all these great pictures yourself.

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